20 March 2019
Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan to be revised

Notice has been received that the IMFLDP is to be revised. It is important that local people review and comment on this plan particularly in respect on future housing developments. The message received reads:


An opportunity to shape the growth of your place

The Highland Council is raising awareness of the opportunity to help shape future growth and development across the Inner Moray Firth area, and is encouraging anyone living, working, investing and being educated in the area to get involved.


The Council has announced its intention to review the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan. This will involve looking at development activity since the current plan was published in 2015 and listening to people’s views on where future development could be directed. While background information is being gathered over the next few weeks and months, the Council wants to make people aware of how and when they can contribute.


Scott Dalgarno, Highland Council's Development Plans Manager said:

“Ultimately the plan will confirm how our communities will grow. It’s about where best to locate new housing and employment areas, along with new schools, roads and other services? But also, what do people think about recent developments, and what assets and features should be safeguarded? At this stage we are encouraging people to start thinking about these issues, and in the summer we will ask people to submit their views at the first stage of consultation. Later in the year, where further work is needed the Council intends to hold workshops to work alongside local people in planning for their future.”


The Council will be writing to Community Councils and other interested parties with information about when and how they can get involved and opportunities for briefings with the Development Plans Team.


To find out more about the review process, please see the Council’s website highland.gov.uk/imf or email the team at devplans@highland.gov.uk.


To join our mailing list, please register your details at the Development Plans Consultation Portal at:

highland.objective.co.uk/portal (external link).


Twitter: @planhighland
Facebook: @highlandLDPs


Scott Dalgarno

Development Plans Manager, The Highland Council

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