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Your Community Councillors


To see a potted biography of a Community Council Member click on the member's name

Treasurer | Bob Latimer
Bob Latimer

Secretary | Jo-Anne Pugh
Jo-Anne Pugh

Councillor | David Guthrie

Councillor | Ann Jefferson

Councillor | Gareth Davies
Associate | Calum Mackenzie

Co-opted Member | Ingrid Robertson

Youth Member | Islay Rutter

Youth Member | Maya Duffy

Youth Member | Isobel Fox

Youth Member | Jess Davidson

Youth Member | Kate Knight

Youth Member | Ava Goldie

Black Isle Ward 9 Highland Councillors

Lyndsey Johnston Chair Black Isle Area Committee

lyndsey.johnston.cllr@highland .gov.uk


Morven-may Maccallum Vice-Chair Black-isle Area Committee



Sarah Atkin





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