21 November 2017
Community Partnership Meeting

The next meeting of the Mid Ross Community Partnership will take place on 30th of November at 2pm in the Theatre at Fortrose Academy. It will concentrate on the priorities for adults health and social care issues in the Mid Ross area.  The Agenda is as follows:


Mid Ross Community Partnership

November 30th 2017


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Actions from last meetings
    1. Partners will be asked to update on any actions they had from the previous meeting
  4. Adults Integration Plan
    1. Partners will receive a presentation on the current position of the Adults plan, development process and consider how this can be progressed or modified given local concerns/pressures.
  5. Falls Approach - Partners will hear about the local issues regarding people falling in the community, with examples provided by several agencies.
    1. Partners will be asked to consider how a joined up approach can be generated to improve the situation.
  6. Actions
  7. Next Meeting date confirmation

Details of the Mid-Ross Community Patrnership can be found HERE

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