20 April 2006
Ancestors - Richard Webster

Here is an e-mail received in April 2006 concerning the ancestors of Richard Webster. If you have any information please contact us through this site and we will pass it on.

, I have been reading your interesting and informative web site and must congratulate you the general information. I am undertaking family research and have found that my grand parents John and Margaret Webster lived in Rosemarkie certainly in 1921 when their 4th child Caroline Mary was born and the address in her birth certificate was Corslate Cottage - Rosemarkie.
I can identify a Corslet ( Estate ) just to the north west of the town on the A 832 road leading to Cromarty and wonder if anyone can confirm if this might be the same location.
John Webster my grandfather was a "Woodcutter" to trade. His previous child William was born in Forres in 1919 and the next child Isabella in 1925 again back in Forres so the family resided in Rosemarkie for only a few years.
Perhaps attracted to the area because of woodcutting work on the estate? I would assume the children would have gone to the local primary school and wonder if anyone can direct to me to where local school records are kept for this period.
I look forward to hearing if anyone can assist in my investigation.
Richard Webster

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