20 April 2007

Here is another e-mail, this one from Australia, trying to trace forebears. If anyone can help please reply through this site and we will pass it on.

My name is Jocelyn Blackmore, I live in Victoria, Australia and my forebears (about 3 generations ago) lived in Rosemarkie. Their names were Donald More and Margaret Elder.
I visited Rosemarkie about 6 yrs ago and thought it was a lovely place, but now I would really like to have a map of the town as it was in the early 1800's when my family lived there.
If it is possible you could email this info to me and I would be eternally grateful.
Thank you for this facility.
Regards Jocelyn.

Here is an e-mail received in March 2006 in reply to Jocelyn's

Hi there
I have just discovered my great great great grandparents were from Rosemarkie, while looking for information I discovered your site and that a lady called Joclyn already wrote to you regarding a Donald More and Margaret Elder, these are my ancestors too. I would really appreciate it if you could either send her my details or let me have her email address.
From the information and picture sites I have found it looks like my ancestors had a really lovely place to live, my husband and I are now retired and we have said that we won't make any further trips to Scotland as the flight is getting too much for us now, but, never say never I always say and Rosemarkie looks too good to pass up.
Thank you for your assistance.
Susan Peat

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