20 April 2007
Former Resident Information Request

Here is an e-mail from a former resident of Rosemarkie. If anyone wishes to contact the sender please reply through this site and we will pass it on.

My name is Charles Ross.
I live in Sydney. I used to live in Rosemarkie. And was born in Rosemarkie. in 1945.
We came to Australia around 1955.
My Mothers name Catherine. Father John Ross has a sister still living we think in Rosemarkie Margret Macgregor. She has a farm called Hopefield Farm in Rosemarkie.
My dear old dad used to be a farmer in Rosemarkie one of the farms was called Kinnock Farm, Rosemarkie. Spelling maybe wrong with Kinnock. Do you know of Hopfield farm? I have lost contact over the years.
I found your site and enjoyed looking at it.

And here is the reply

Your father is still remembered and was known as Jackie Ross.
Your aunt, Mrs Margaret Grigor, widow of William Grigor, still lives at Hopefield Farm,Eathie Road, Rosemarkie. They had no family.
Kinnock Farm is presently known as Flowerburn Mains and is near Hopefield Farm. It was called Flowerburn before Kinnock and is now Flowerburn again.

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